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Turn your bad dog into a good boy.


Our obedience/show training develops your pet’s socializing skills, to help them become the apple of everyone’s eye. We emphasize on obedience, good posture and agility control to steer your pet’s development in the right direction. You’ll also find our trusted walkers to be the perfect companion for your fur-babies.


The obedience training will teach commands like:

  • Hand shake
  • Roll
  • Sit
  • Stand
  • Salute
  • Stop
  • Sleep
  • Walking (without a leash)


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At the Cuddle Tub, we help you turn your love for pets into a fulfilling career. Spend time with our precious fur-babies, as they (along with our professional trainers 🙂 teach you to be a loving pet groomer. Fill the form below and we’ll tell you how to get started:


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