Hair Styling

Short or long hair. Cat or dog. We cater to all hairstyling needs. Zero cut, teddy bear cut, puppy/kitten cut, we’ve got a variety of styles to make your furbaby look more stylish. We specialize in poodles, bichon frise and Persian cats.

  Blueberry Facial Spa

Removes dead cells, while providing a soothing effect to your pet’s skin. Our Blueberry Facial Spa treatment is hypoallergenic, lick-friendly and tearless. It uses natural ingredients to help brighten your pet’s skin.

  Hot Oil Treatment and Deep Conditioning Bath

The perfect way to restore softness from root to tip. Pamper your furbaby with a hot oil treatment, followed by a deep conditioning bath to promote blood circulation, relieve stress, enhance metabolism and improve lustre of the coat.

  Bath Treatments

Exfoliating Bath: Gives your pet a clean look, while also removing dead cells from their body. We also moisturize your furbaby with a pet-friendly conditioner & hair serum.

Medicated Bath: Ideal for pets suffering from ticks, fleas, fungal/bacterial skin infections. Medicated shampoos help reduce the skin bacteria and also reduces inflammation and irritation.

  Hair Coloring & Straightening

Our specially-designed sparkle treatment prepares your furbaby for all types of important events. Choose from a variety of pet-friendly colors, while getting rid of unwanted curls with our hair straightening service, to give your pet a sleek and stylish look.

  Pawdicure & Nail Chipping

Keep your pet’s paws from drying out, itching or cracking, to prevent infections. We use pet-friendly cleansers, followed by a soothing massage with our natural balm, then nail chipping/filling and finish it off with cool nail pawlish.

  Filth Removal

Has your furbaby got into a sticky situation? Use our easy filth removal service to prevent stressing yourself out or your pet. Our high-quality cleaning products help make the experience pain-free and comfortable.

  Tear Stain Removal & Whitening Treatment

Ideal for light-skinner pets, our tear stain removal works as a remedy for reducing tear and beard staining. Our whitening treatment helps those dull white coats shine. It removes stains from the your pet’s fur, while enhancing its natural shine.

  Ear Cleaning & Plucking

Excess shedding inside the ear can cause itching and impair hearing, especially in smaller breeds. We trim and pluck the internal hair cautiously to reduce growth. Suggested every 2 months, as pets have excessive hair growth.

  Breath Treatment

Help your canines have healthier canines. That goes for your felines too. With the use of pet-friendly breath-freshening and tartar-cleansing solutions, we help keep those precious smiles intact.


Unwanted knots and tangles claiming your furbaby’s fur? Our conditioner and spray helps loosen the mats around your pet’s body, making the whole process pain free.